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BabyTime — A completely new baby tracking experience.

Your baby is precious. You want to make informed decisions not guesses. BabyTime helps you track the essentials, spot trends and settle into good routines. It’s quick and it’s easy. And it’s been lovingly made by parents for parents.


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What makes BabyTime the world’s best baby tracking app?

It’s in the design. BabyTime has been thoughtfully crafted to maximize your time — and it’s beautiful to use. We know you’ll want to track everything, so we’ve designed it so you can do just that. The interface is clean and easy to read, with cute buttons that bounce in response to your tap. And it opens in a snap.


It’s also in the trend analysis. BabyTime helps you see patterns over time, understand your baby better and keep on top of things.


We’re parents, too, and we’ve built BabyTime from the ground up. We’ve paid attention to the little details that matter to you.


Give yourself peace of mind so you can focus on the good times.
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Easy one-tap activity tracking.

Track all of the essentials from a single tracking screen. It’s all there, just a tap away. BabyTime has been designed for one-hand operation – because we know you’ll have a baby in your other hand. And if you forget to track it at the time, you can easily add it later.

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Track time spent feeding on each breast. Can’t remember which side you last fed on, or for how long? BabyTime tells you.

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Track how much and whether the feed was formula or expressed breastmilk (EBM).

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Track when and how long your baby sleeps, and discover patterns and trends.

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In those early days and weeks, you’ll want to monitor if your baby is feeding enough by tracking how many full diapers/nappies are produced over time. You won’t remember, but BabyTime will.


Keep in Sync.

Invite your partner or a caregiver to share in the tracking. And if you have multiple devices of your own, sync between these too.


BabyTime is there for you when and where you need it.



Night mode. It’s gentle on your eyes.

Night mode provides a low-contrast background, soothing for your eyes at 4 in the morning. Conveniently located at the bottom of the screen, night mode is easily switched on and off.

BabyTime is available on the App Store for your iPhone or iPod Touch (and also works on your iPad).


Download BabyTime now for a completely new baby tracking experience.


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“I thought it would be hard to switch to BabyTime after using another app for 6 months, but BabyTime is now my go-to app. It’s user-friendly and intuitive, and I love being able to quickly glance at the summary bar and see what’s next – diaper change, nap or feeding?”

Elizabeth Dawson




“BabyTime has a very nice interface! I love the simplicity and feel, and the ease with which you can choose nursing, bottle, sleep or diaper.”

Martina Clements